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'Space Wars Fact And Fiction' (Octopus UK, 1980) was one of cash-in books slapped together in the wake of Star Wars. It featured a collection of stories with lavish illustrations by uncredited artists (one of them is likely to be Gerry Wood, a prolific British comic artist and illustrator) and an oddly out of place 1960s-era comic strip ‘Space Cadet’. Not very Star Warsy, but back then publishers were shoving out anything and everything as long as it had a spaceship on the front cover and had the words ‘wars’, ‘space’, or ‘star’ on it!

Nice! Even the retro cash-grabs are cool. Looks like you can get this one cheap on Amazon, too.

I had this I’m sure…remember the “Space Cadet” cartoon strip, was there a short story where the cast of escaped convicts were all named after Sci Fi writers? And giant Alien robots captured the leader for study?

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